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Predictions and bets on Formula 1 online

Formula 1 is not called the "Queen of Motorsport" for nothing, since it is the place where the best teams and pilots are gathered. In betting, this discipline is not so popular, but it is still a success, because it is much more interesting to observe a certain stage, when you made the forecast for your favorite pilot or team. N1Bet gives its customers this opportunity.


The best predictions and bets on Formula 1 with N1Bet

Only here you can place bets on absolutely all stages of Formula 1. These are not only predictions for the winner of the race, but also more exotic outcomes that will be interesting to the player. Our specialists regularly monitor the betting market, and therefore N1bet has a minimum margin, which allows bettors to collect not only ordinaries, but also accumulators with adequate quotes.

Is it safe to bet on Formula 1 with N1Bet?

Yes, we at N1Bet approach the issue of our customers' safety with full responsibility. We guarantee the safety of personal data and funds to our users. Therefore, when betting on this sport, you can not worry about the loss of personal funds or information.

What types of bets exist?

If we talk about forecasts for Formula 1, then most bookmakers give a rather concise list. In most cases, they are confined to:

  1. Betting on the winners of the overall standings of the season. We are talking not only about competitions between pilots, but also about the "Constructors' Cup", in which various teams compete.
  2. On qualification. There are about 20 stages during the season and each stage has free races and qualifications. If bets are not accepted on free practices, then it is quite possible to make a bet on qualification. As a rule, the line is associated with the winner of the race and the comparison between the two drivers. Formula 1 stands out because forecasts for it are quite easy to form, since surprises rarely occur in this discipline. However, this directly affects the coefficients.
  3. On the winner of the stage. In general, the variety of outcomes here is almost identical to what is given for qualification. However, betting sites try to diversify them in order to attract the attention of players.

Due to the specificity of this sport, it is quite difficult to collect the same line as for conditional football.

Formula 1 betting rules and player assistance

Before making predictions and bets on Formula 1, the user should take into account the following points:

  1. What type of track is used at the stage. Some riders are more comfortable riding on slow tracks, while others prefer fast races.
  2. Pilot's uniform. Even the best athletes are sometimes in suboptimal shape, and therefore they can lose a race they knowingly won.
  3. For betting, it is best to use a fixed rate to keep your bank "afloat". Va-bank's forecasts do not meet the expectations of forecasters, since even in this kind of sport sensations happen regularly.

The company N1Bet offers its customers a rich selection of bets on Formula 1. You can make it on the most favorable terms only with us.