Predictions and bets on tennis online

To date, tennis is second only to football in its popularity. And if we talk about sports analytics, forecasts and bets on tennis have long attracted millions of players. The fact is that such large organizations as the ITF, WTA and ATP hold tournaments every week. Consequently, players have a desire to make a bet on a match involving their favorite performer. N1Bet is the best option for those forecasters who want to place a bet and get a well-deserved profit. The company has been working with the tennis line for several years, as a result of which customers can choose absolutely any match for betting.


Best predictions and bets with N1Bet

The betting world is becoming more and more diverse, but the popularity of tennis predictions is difficult to overestimate. The N1Bet project offers its clients a wide range of tennis matches, including both Grand Slam tournaments and local ITF competitions. Adequate betting conditions allow you to gradually increase the bank.

Increased odds on sport events

Tennis odds are a separate issue, both for beginners and experienced users. The fact is that the temptation to bet on the victory of a conditional Novak Djokovic, or Ashley Barty with a coefficient of 1.03 is very great, but at the same time, only one defeat in 33 matches will bring the player the final profit. Our project works with a minimum margin when compared with its main competitors. Consequently, the chances of the bettor are higher.

We analyze hundreds of sites daily in the context of quotations, and therefore our clients are guaranteed to receive the most effective offers.

Is it safe to bet on tennis with N1Bet?

Tennis tournaments are held regularly, this sport attracts thousands of users around the world. N1bet analysts observe dozens of games daily, monitor the media. Even the analysis of social networks of tennis players allows them to understand what psychological state the performer is in. Based on these indicators, we form the outcome of a sporting event, with interesting offers for our customers. Active users of our resource can count on individual offers that will not leave anyone indifferent.

What types of bets exist?

The variety of tennis outcomes presents many interesting options for both beginners and experienced bettors. Bets on tennis can be made on the following outcomes:

  1. The victory of a particular player. Bookmakers offer to make a bet on the winner of a certain game, set, or the whole match.
  2. Total. As a rule, it is calculated by the total number of games. An alternative option is a forecast for the number of sets.
  3. On the exact score.
  4. On the handicap, meaning the difference of the games won.

Today, our tennis line is becoming bigger, and therefore customers can limit themselves not only to the victories of a particular athlete.

Tennis betting rules and player assistance

Tennis is one of the most popular sports. Matches are held daily at dozens of tournaments organized by the WTA, ATP and ITF. There are several types of tennis matches:

  • Singles.
  • Doubles. Two players per team.
  • Mixt. Doubles, but with representatives of both men's and women's tennis.

It should be noted that one set lasts until the tennis player sets six games.

When making a bet, you need to consider the following points:

  • What kind of surface the tennis player specializes in. For example, Rafael Nadal is practically invincible on the ground, as evidenced by more than 10 wins on this surface. At the same time, the probability of a Spaniard winning on hard or grass is much lower. Forecasters who do not understand these subtleties often drain substantial amounts.
  • Tennis tournaments differ in the class of performers that take part in them, and therefore, it is better to choose more popular competitions in case of absence of the skills to work with the ITF rating.
  • Don’t abuse LIVE bets. Many players lose control of their emotions after a streak of wins at matches in online mode, and therefore they can lose much more than they received.
  • Tennis predictions require considerable effort on the part of the player. It is advisable to analyze statistics and other information at least an hour a day.

If we talk about strategies, then it is worth giving preference to those tactics that will save the bank, rather than those that will bring significant losses. As an example, a fixed rate of 1-2% from the bank will allow you to “stay afloat" for a long time, even under the conditions of a series of unsuccessful bets.