Forecasts and bets on hockey online

Hockey is one of the most popular sports, and therefore attracts the attention of millions of bettors around the world. Forecasts and bets on hockey with the N1Bet project open up wide opportunities for players to make a stable profit by betting on their favorite sport.


Best predictions and bets with N1Bet

Why bets on hockey with N1Bet can be considered the best:

  • Careful selection of matches, taking into account all factors affecting the result.
  • Reputation is above all for us.
  • Only adequate coefficients, minimum margin in the network.

Increased odds on sporting events

N1bet has a minimum margin. It was 1.90-1.95 for equivalent events. Considering the popularity of this discipline, the coefficients for hockey most accurately describe the chances of teams.

What types of bets exist?

To date, bets on hockey online can be concluded using various outcomes, for example:

  • On the winner of the match. It is worth noting that most bookmakers also offer to bet on a draw, based on the results of the main time.
  • The number (total) of goals scored in a particular period, or all matches. It is possible to bet not only on the total performance of both teams, but also on each club separately.
  • Handicap, or the difference in the score. If in major leagues like the NHL, the difference in the score rarely reaches 5-6 goals, then in less popular tournaments it can be catastrophic.
  • Additional bets, for example, on the number of removals, shots on goal, etc.

Due to the high demand for hockey matches, most bookmakers offer their clients a wide action line, where they can choose the best option from hundreds of offers.

Hockey betting rules and player assistance

Hockey is a team sport in which two teams play. In total, the match consists of three periods, lasting 20 minutes each. If the main time ends with a draw, then an additional five-minute overtime is played. If there is no winner here, the game goes to the shootout stage. The winner is the team that first implements its chance.

When betting on hockey, the player must take into account the following points:

  • Motivation of teams. If at the beginning of the regular season all the clubs have a desire to show their maximum and win as many games as possible, then before the end of the season most of them have nothing to claim. Consequently, despite the bookmakers' odds, their chances of winning decrease.
  • When choosing totals as outcomes, users should focus on the performance of a particular championship. For example, if in the NHL the average TB is 5.5, then in the KHL it is less, and for most matches it is provided as 4.5
  • It is advisable to choose those leagues for which there is a lot of information in open access. Although youth tournaments are held regularly, it is very difficult to judge the lineups that are constantly changing. And here we are not talking about top teams, but for example about local Asian tournaments, where certain teams can lose with a difference of 15-20 goals.

If you are new to hockey forecasts, it is advisable to allocate no more than 3-5 percent for each bet.